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For Windows 7, Vista, XP

PPT to Flash Brochure

Flip PPT converter-Turn PowerPoint to 3D virtual flash flipbooks!
  • Convert Microsoft PPT to flash page turning brochures;
  • Reserve full content of the original PPT, including links and photography;
  • Convert or batch convert PowerPoint to flash brochures;
  • 3 templates to choose to decorate the flip PPT;
  • Customize the flash PPT with various control settings;
  • Various output formats: HTML, Zip, Exe, Mobile version and burn to CD;
  • Analyze your visitors' behaviors with Google Analytics Integration.


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Flash Player 10.0+

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Turn a page to your great success!

One program, endless possibilities! No additional software involved!

Simple, easy and fast, yet professional, powerful and efficient!

Convert PPT presentation to flash brochure


  • PPT to Flash Brochure is a professional flip book maker. This powerful software can convert all Microsoft PowerPoint into interactive page flip books with interesting page turning effect.
  • In addition, you can batch convert multiple PPT presentations to multiple or a flash presentation at the same time.
  • What's more, converting your PPT into digital flip books instead of traditional printing versions will surely save your money, since no printing and distribution costs involved.


keep original file content

Same content, different effect


PPT to Flash Brochure can professionally publish page turn flash flip PowerPoint, but in the meanwhile, it will reserve full editorial content of the original PPT, including links and photography. And by making your static PPT into digital interactive brochure with flash flip pages, which will be more attractive, this powerful flip book publisher can effectively help you to raise readership and improve readership loyalty.


various templates and themes to use

Choose template and theme to match your book style


You write your brochure content, PPT to Flash Brochure allows you to make your flash e-brochure in your favorite style. You can choose your preferred one from the 4 built-in templates: Classical, Float and Spread. And each template contains different beautiful themes for you to decorate your to-be-published flash brochure.



publish in various formats

Output the flash flip book in optional formats


PPT to Flash Brochure allows you to publish the flash PPT presentation in optional formats (for online or offline reading):

    1. Publish HTML online brochure to make it worldwide reachable;

    2. Publish flip PowerPoint in Exe and Zip format to store or send to your readers;

    3. Mobile version can run on portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, etc;

    4. Burning to CD enables you to store the flip PPT in CD/DVD and play on computers.


full control settings

Customize your flip PPT with control settings


PPT to Flash Brochure enables you to make your flash brochure distinctive with powerful custom settings:
  • Define book logo, button style, bookmark, book proportion, font, color, etc;
  • Choose background image and music from your collection;
  • Define default language;
  • Show or hide toolbar and button;
  • Choose hard cover for the flipbook and more.
view flash PPT on tablet devices

Mobilize your flash brochure


Small screen, big outcome! PPT to Flash Brochure can mobilize your flip PowerPoint by publishing it in mobile version and your readers can view it on portable devices. Mobilizing the flash brochure is really of great help because people nowadays are always on a rush, but with a mobile version, they can access your digital publication via iPad, iPhone, Android Phones and other tablet devices. You've built a mobile newsstand for your readers!



Google Analytics Integration


Once you publish an online flash brochure and upload to your website, the indispensable statistics tool—Google Analytics Tool of PPT to Flash Brochure will show you real-time statistics so that you could analyze the visitors' behavior and optimize your marketing strategies. Or, you can readjust and update your publication to attract more visitors.



limitation on downloading, printing, sharing

Secure your online flash brochure


PPT to Flash Brochure allows you to protect your wonderful publication from downloading, printing or even accessing:
  • You can enable or disable the downing or printing function in the custom settings;
  • You can set access authorization by password encryption: you can make it all free for visitors to view the whole flip PowerPoint; you can offer a sneak preview of the brochure's certain pages to draw readers to pay to view the rest; and you can protect all pages from being viewed.


one-time fee, no hidden charges

One-off payment, cost effective


Please rest assured that once you purchase our software, you can use it forever and that we will never charge any hidden subscription fee or conversion fee. And this powerful flash book maker is very cost effective because it offers you unlimited conversions, you can publish as many flash brochures as you like.



upgrade for free

Free upgrade and free update


In order to meet the increasing needs of you, our respected customers, we have been trying our best to upgrade our programs. However, if you've purchased our software, you need not to pay for the upgrading of the later versions. And then, you can update the online brochure of your website by republishing it without paying a cent.




Full refund guarantee within 30 days


We offer free trial for each of our programs, and you can try and experience the powerful functions of our products before buying. We have strong confidence in our products, but if unfortunately, you are dissatisfied with our products, we promise that you will get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. You can email us at: support@flash-ebrochure-maker.com.


Product Features:

Easy steps to import and output:

1. Convert PPT files to flash brochure with page turning effect;

2. Select PPT from the source files;

3. Open the PPT presentation before importing to make sure if it's the one you want to convert;

4. Choose to import all pages or custom range pages;

5. Choose quick import mode to import 10 pages only for initial preview;

6. Choose file mode: Image Mode or Text Mode;

7. Choose one from the 5 types of page quality for different book size to output;

8. Enable or disable to import bookmark to the flash brochure;

9. Enable or disable to import internal link (page link) and external links (web link, e-mail link, etc);

10. Enable or disable search function to search the imported text content or not;

11. Support batch convert multiple PPT to multiple or a flash presentation at the same time;

12. Choose output format to convert PPT to flash PowerPoint;

13. Define output folder path and file name;

14. Advanced settings to define title, keywords and description for the online HTML(for HTML, Zip and Exe format only);

15. Exe advanced settings allow you to change icon picture(ICO file only) and define Exe window size;

16. Click "Convert" button to publish flash brochure in your defined format.

Flexible Output Formats:

1. Publish HTML online brochure to make it worldwide reachable via Internet;

2. Publish flip PPT presentation in Exe and Zip format to store or send to your readers;

3. Mobile version can run on portable devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, etc;

4. Burning to CD enables you to store the flash PPT in CD/DVD and play on computers.

Customize your flash brochure:

1. Define bookmark for the flash presentation;

2. 3 built-in templates(classical, float and spread) and various themes to decorate your digital publication;

3. Choose images for outer and inner background;

4. Enable sound and choose your preferred sound as background music;

5. Save the template settings for later use;

6. Define book title for your flash brochure;

7. Show or hide the toolbar or other buttons (home, full screen, help, share, social share, etc);

8. Decide to use self or blank open window for home page and links;

9. Font setting for flash, bookmark, buttons, window, search results, etc;

10. Define color for background, font, buttons, icons, etc;

11. Define a default language for the flip PPT;

12. Define book proportion, margin and page shadow;

13. Choose to use "Right-to-left" reading(Arabic for example) or not;

14. Choose a hard cover for the flip PowerPoint;

15. Show flipping effect at the corners when the mouse moves over;

16. Insert page number and start page number;

17. Auto play setting allows it to play as soon as you open the flash flipping PPT;

18. Enable or disable thumbnail button to show or hide thumbnail;

19. Activate Google Analytics Integration to get real-time statistics of your readers;

20. Set limitations to decide if your readers could download, print or share your flash book;

21. Set flash security to allow your readers to view all pages, certain range pages or they have no access to even a page of the flash brochure;

22. Use "Zoom" function to read the flash book;

23. Help button allows you to add Help image or Flash to guide the readers.

Flash brochure features:

1. Present the PPT with virtual flash flip effect for readers;

2. Open the flash brochure with hard cover;

3. Turn a page by clicking the page shadow;

4. Turn a page by dragging the corners;

5. Turn a page by clicking the "First/Last, Previous/Next Page" buttons;

6. Turn a page by using keyboard arrows;

7. Turn to a certain page by entering the page number;

8. Use thumbnail to go to the page or get content you want;

9. View the flash brochure in full screen;

10. Enable auto play to view the flash PPT;

11. Zoom to read every detail of the flash book clearly;

12. Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;

13. Turn on/off the background music while reading the presentation;

14. Print out the flash PPT or custom range pages;

15. Share the book via e-mail;

16. View the flash brochure on iPad, iPhone, Android Phones or other portable devices;

17. Click "Help" to view help manual.