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For Mac OS 10.5 or above

(Not for PowerPC)

DOC to Flash Brochure Mac

Flip book Creator for Mac-Convert DOC, RTF, TXT to flash flipbook on Mac!
  • Create intuitive page-turning flash brochures from DOC files on Macintosh;
  • Various built-in templates and themes to choose;
  • Full custom settings to control your flash flip brochure;
  • Zoom to see every detail of your Mac flip DOC;
  • Flexible output versions: HTML and Mac App;
  • Direct visitations to your flash brochure via Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.


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publish flip book on Mac

Convert DOC to flash brochure on Mac


DOC, RTF and TXT files are static files, so they are not attractive to readers. Our product—Doc to Flash Brochure Mac provides you with a new but remarkable solution to attract readers—by converting DOC, RTF and TXT files into flash flip books with amazing page turn effect. And this flip book Mac program can be perfectly compatible with Mac devices such as Mac OS X Leopard, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion.


different templates to use

Choose template and theme to match your book style


You write your brochure content, DOC to Flash Brochure Mac allows you to make your flash e-brochure in your favorite style. You can choose your preferred one from the built-in templates to decorate your flash book and make it more appealing to your readers. And each template contains different beautiful themes for you to decorate your to-be-published flash flip DOC brochure.


Customize unique page turn e-brochure


customize your flash brochure

DOC to Flash Brochure Mac enables you to create unique publication owing to its powerful custom settings, through which you and your readers can easily identify your flash brochure:
  • Define button style, book proportion, font, color, etc;
  • Choose background image and music from your collection;
  • Define default language for the flash flip brochure;
  • Show or hide toolbar and button;
  • Choose hard cover for the flipbook and more.


flexible output formats

Output the DOC flip book in optional formats


DOC to Flash Brochure Mac allows you to publish digital page turning flash brochures in optional formats (for online or offline reading): HTML and Mac App.

    1. Publish HTML online brochure to make it worldwide reachable via Internet;

    2. Mac App format enables you to view the flash book on Mac devices.


zoom in and zoom out to view the flipbook

Zoom to see every detail


Are you worrying about your shortsighted and aged readers who have difficulty in reading small words or gapless lines? Relax! DOC to Flash Brochure Mac will provide you with considerate solution—the Zoom Function. With just a click on the zoom button or double-click on the flip brochure, the flash pages will zoom to your preferred proportion for you to see every detail. But just please make sure your original DOC files are clear enough.


share via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin

Share your flash brochure via social networks


To build visitation traffic of your flash page brochure, you need to encourage your readers to interact with you in different ways. DOC to Flash Brochure Mac can absolutely meet your needs. Once you publish the virtual flash book, you can share it via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Yahoo and so on. Just click the share button and your online brochure will go viral, to your families, to your friends or others. Thus, a great deal of traffic will be directly driven to your site.


one-time fee

One-off payment, cost effective


Please rest assured that once you purchase our software, you can use it forever and that we will never charge any hidden subscription fee or conversion fee. And this powerful flash book maker is very cost effective because it offers you unlimited conversions, you can publish as many flash brochures as you like.



free upgrade for later versions

Free upgrade and free update


In order to meet the increasing needs of you, our respected customers, we have been trying our best to upgrade our programs. However, if you've purchased our software, you need not to pay for the upgrading of the later versions. And then, you can update the online brochure of your website by republishing it without paying a cent.



money back within 30 days

Full refund guarantee within 30 days


We offer free trial for each of our programs, and you can try and experience the powerful functions of our products before buying. We have strong confidence in our products, but if unfortunately, you are dissatisfied with our products, we promise that you will get a full refund within 30 days after purchase. You can email us at: support@flash-ebrochure-maker.com.



Product Features:

Easy steps to import and output:

1. Convert DOC, RTF and TXT to page flip brochure;

2. Select DOC document from the source files;

3. Open the DOC document before importing to make sure if it's the one you want to convert;

4. Choose to import all pages or custom range pages;

5. Choose quick import mode to import 10 pages only for initial preview;

6. Choose one from the 5 types of page quality for different book size to output;

7. Enable or disable to import bookmark to the flash brochure;

8. Choose output format to convert DOC to flash brochure;

9. Define output folder path and file name;

10. Publish the flash flip brochure in HTML or Mac App format:

---Publish HTML online brochure to make it worldwide reachable via Internet;

---Mac App format enables you to view the flash book on Mac devices;

11. Advanced settings to define title, keywords and description for the online HTML;

12. Click "Convert" button to publish flash brochure in your defined format.

Customize your flash brochure:

1. Various built-in templates and themes to decorate your digital publication;

2. Choose images for outer and inner background;

3. Enable sound and choose your preferred sound as background music;

4. define book title for your gorgeous flash flip brochure;

5. Show or hide the toolbar or other buttons (home, full screen, help, share, social share, etc);

6. Decide to use self or blank open window for home page and links;

7. Font setting for flash, bookmark, buttons, window, etc;

8. Define color for background, font, buttons, icons, etc;

9. Define a default language for the Mac flip book;

10. Define book proportion, margin and page shadow;

11. Choose to use "Right-to-left" reading (Arabic for example) or not;

12. Choose a hard cover for the page turning flash book;

13. Insert page number and start page number;

14. Auto play setting allows it to play as soon as you open the flash flipping book;

15. Enable or disable thumbnail button to show or hide thumbnail;

16. Set limitations to decide if your readers could download, print or share your flash book;

17. Use "Zoom" function to read the flip DOC brochure;

18. Help button allows you to add Help image or Flash to guide the readers.

Flash brochure features:

1. Present the DOC with virtual flash flip effect for readers;

2. Open the flash brochure with hard cover;

3. Turn a page by clicking the page shadow;

4. Turn a page by dragging the corners;

5. Turn a page by clicking the "First/Last, Previous/Next Page" buttons;

6. Turn a page by using keyboard arrows;

7. Turn to a certain page by entering the page number;

8. Use thumbnail to go to the page or get content you want;

9. View the flash brochure in full screen;

10. Enable auto play to view the flash brochure;

11. Zoom to read every detail of the flash book clearly;

12. Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;

13. Turn on/off the background music while reading the book;

14. Print out the flash brochure or custom range pages;

15. Share the book via e-mail or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, etc;

16. Click "Help" to view help manual.